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What's the Story? — WriteSpace Jerusalem

  • Talbiya Jerusalem Israel (map)

What do we mean when we say “That’s a great story”? What is a story exactly? Does the protagonist need to have a change of heart? Does something need to happen to the protagonist, or does she need to make something happen? How is a story different from a string of events? And is story the same thing as plot? 

The definition of a story has varied over time and across cultures, but when readers today pick up a book, they have certain expectations from having digested countless novels and movies. It’s your job as a storyteller to know those expectations and either fulfill them or subvert them. Either way, you need to make sure you’re telling a story that keeps your readers eagerly turning the pages. 

In this seminar, we will make sure your work—whether it's fiction or nonfiction—has a riveting story. We will do this by reviewing story theory dating from Aristotle to Hollywood; by doing writing exercises in class; and by breaking down the stories behind your own pages.