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First Impressions — WriteSpace Jerusalem

  • WriteSpace Jersualem Talbiya Jerusalem Israel (map)

Are you an aspiring novelist in Israel? Take Jessamyn's writing workshop: "First Impressions: Opening Your Novel" at WriteSpace Jerusalem. 

The beginning of a novel makes a promise—it lets readers know what kind of book they’ve picked up and assures them it will be worth their while to keep reading. The first few pages are your chance to hook the reader, whether it’s a person browsing Steimatzky or a potential literary agent or publisher. 

But what makes a good beginning? How do you make your book gripping from the first line? How do you immediately ground a reader in a time and location? Are you sure you’re starting your story in the right place? How do you slip in everything the reader needs to know about the characters and their surroundings to understand the story ahead? What if you’re promising the reader one kind of story, but then delivering another? 

In this seminar, we will explore what makes a great beginning by reading the openings of critically acclaimed novels, as well as the first ten pages of each other’s novel-in-progress.

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